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Hi Coach!!
I was curious if you had ever heard of anyone using yoga (once or twice a week) while training the Oly lifts. I have no flexability issues, so I don't want to be in danger of overstretching any ligamnets. I enjoy it because of the unloading chracteristics it has on the spine and the stretches I can get in the shouler girdle. I simply don't want it to get in the way of progressing in the lifts.
Thank you.

non of my lifters have taken yoga, but i am not against it. i would like casey burgener to take it and even sage and cody, my own children....i think they would benefit from the discipline yoga instills as well as the health, flex benefits. as i understand it yoga is a great tool for learning how to breath, relax and clean the mind. have some fun with it.

coach b