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Hi Coach!
I looked through the injuries section but didn't see this one - how have you had athletes with shoulder dislocation injuries train back into the Oly lifts? I hurt mine ~3 months ago and am feeling "pretty good", but snatches are tough still. Currently I am at 155 BWT and power sn is 125, full snatch is only 75. Cleans are Ok and I'm almost back to BWT cleans. (I lost some flexibility during the layoff, which I think is a big hinderence).


i would begin with clean grip snatches....they should not hurt at all....power snatch in the beginning....widen the grip a tad each week....start doing ohs with a narrow grip than normal and work wider as well....keep the weight really light...and add a tad at a you can handle. also 1 arm kb or db snatches with ohs will do a ton for stabilization....maybe even some sotts presses in the bottom as i get stronger.

let me know how it goes...and i will help all i can.

coach b