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coach b, you have percentages on your workouts. are all of them based on c&j/snatch 1rep max? such as rdl percentages? are front/back squat percentages off of that max or clean max? ohs off of snatch max or ohs max? thanks, josh

most of my max's are based on the actual lift. however i will in the workout indicate what i want the % to be taken off of. for example i might say front sqt: 90% x 3 x 10 sets taken off the clean max. or i might say front sqt: 84% x 3 x 10 as written this would be taken off the best front sqt. rdl's are always taken off the best clean. ohs are rarely given a % to lift off....sometimes. when i give ohs i base that work off what the individual has as a best snatch. what i am looking for is at least 5-10 kg more in the ohs than the snatch. in snatch balance i am looking for a 10-15 kg more than the snatch. hope this helps, coach b