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Coach, Once again, the OLY certification seminar last weekend was one of the best learning experiences I ever had. Thank you. I took you up on our offer and have been perusing your website. Looking at your WOD and Generic workout program, I have a couple of clarification questions about some terminology I hope you will answer: 1. “3 POS SNATCH” and “3 POS CLEAN” – do these terms refer to the full range, floor to lockout, of these lifts? If not, then…??? 2. When you use the abbreviation “SN”, are you referring to “snatch grip”? As in SN PUSH PRESS meaning a push press using the wide snatch grip? 3. “Snatch pulls” and “clean pulls” – I am assuming you mean to do some type of pull using the referenced grip. But, what pull? 1,2,3 or some combination? 4. “Openers”? 5. “Beach Exercises”? 6. BS + FS – It appears that this is a back squat followed immediately by a front squat – correct? What is transition procedure – a quick racking on the stands/pins and then reposition for the front squat? Thanks Vince Sandusky

1. thanks vince. the 3 pos snatch and or clean is from the ground, below the knees and hang at either mid thigh or high hang. your choice. 2. sn means snatch, yes sn push press usually written sn pp, is the push press from behind the neck using the sn grip. 3. sn pulls and or clean pulls are the same pull one would use from the ground, but would not include the rack in the clean or the overhead in the snatch....its basically the jump and the extend....shrugging the shoulders hard....triple extension, but not the full lift. 4. any time we have a meet, we do what we want to start with (openers) at the contest the week before. so on saturday we will use it as a meet day, but only go to our openers. if a kid wants to start with 80 kg in the snatch, he would end his owrkout with 80 kg on the previous saturday. 5 beach exerciss are body building exercises. their choice. 6. yes that is correct....transition is the when the lifter rises to the top position. so, one would go down eccentrically, then when reaching the bottom, the transition to the top needs to be very quick and as fast as one can muster. hope this answers the quesitions vince.....if not give me a call. coach b