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Bulgarian X

brian martins developed a new template for the program. sweet!!

various squatting programs that i use with my lifters at various times thoughout the year and training cycle!!!

12 wk workout complete with last 4 wks peaking cycle.
Periodization Model For Sport Teams

i use this one for my sport teams
Bulgarian 23 Day Workout

23 day cycle for bulgarian training. as steve gough says however:, "there is the letter of the law...and then there is the spirit of the law." remember this when applying this program to your workouts.
Brendas Cakewalk

from eugene of crossfit fame!!
Eugene's Score Sheet

fight gone bad score sheet by eugene.
Training Abadjiev Style

great information here.
Percent Sheet I Use

this helps give the coach an idea what level his lifter is lifting.
Hatch Sqt Program

try this sqt program developed by coach gayle hatch, 2004 olympic coach.
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