Mike, great stuff. Very interesting comments about pulls. I had Adrienne do pulls this morning and as the weight got heavier her bad habit of bending her arms early started to go away. Not everyone reacts this way I think; some get worse with pulls. I think a coach has to be very careful about when to prescribing pulls.

As for the newsletter itself, you have great content. The look and feel would improve tremendously if you stuck to one font and 2 sizes of that font. Use italics for quotes and sidebars, larger bolded font for headlines, regular size for the content. Consistency and a "less is more" approach to font selection.
Lincoln Brigham | 2006-02-27
Wow, Please keep it up. Yet again, you help me as a coach.

Semper Fi
Joe Hanson | 2006-02-27
Great newsletter, coach. Keep these coming. The aricles by Mike Conroy and Steve Gough were very helpful.
Dan Bell | 2006-02-27
Keep up the good work. Nice info and newsletter.
Hillbilly Scott Tusic | 2006-06-20