Great newsletter from a great lifting mind. Looking forward to many future newsletters.
Greg Santamal | 2006-01-30
Coach Burgener, Thank you for taking the time and educating us with a newsletter. You are a wealth of information. I am excited about this and look forward to more of what you have to teach and share.
Lisa in Oklahoma | 2006-01-31
greg | 2006-01-31
It's great for USA lifters to have a monthly newsletter presented in a professional manner. Keep it going and give us the latest news and tips. Thanks
Steelton Barbell Club (WV) | 2006-01-31
I would like to see factual information in regard to olympic wt. lifting, not opinions, there are some I value, but very few,Coach Burgeners would be one I would value.
Gary Deal | 2006-01-31
Thanks Coach for putting this excellent newsletter together.
We're way over here at CrossFit Gulf Coast and we need all the help we can get.
Frank DiMeo | 2006-02-01
More, More, MORE
5 pages is not enough.
I loved the article on Staying Warm, great info especially with saturdays competition in mind. Thank You
Dennis | 2006-02-02
Jack Dluzen | 2006-02-05
Good reading. Very interesting to hear your personal insights into the meet in Doha. The article on staying warm was a good contrast, something technical and relevant versus the more personal and relevant article about the meet. Thanks.
Pat Styles | 2006-02-16
Wow, thatÂ’s a relaly clever way of thinking about it!
Kelis | 2011-06-09
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