About the mushroom drink that Tim spoke about, I have seen this drink that many people use as a health tonic. It is supposed to help with reinvigorating and to kill free radicals in your body. Nice informative article. Ilike the part about the mini 3 X 3 platform atop the regular platform.
Scott Tusic | 2006-11-12
Great Stuff Tim.

btw, are you sure that the mushroom wasn't peyote?
Mark Cannella | 2006-11-12
when the next newsletter willbe ready?
Makis | 2007-03-26
not sure when the next newsletter will be as there are many newsletters out there right now. if people really want me to continue the newsletter i suggest you let me know.
Mke Burgener | 2007-03-26
You should definitely continue the news letter please!!!
I really like articles on the training regimes in Russia, China, Cuba. I dont know anywhere else that this kind of information is available.
I'd really like to see similar experiences in countries such as Greece, Turkey, Iran (Wishfull thinking I know).
Leighton Richards | 2007-05-30
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