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July 3 2014 HAD TO PUT DOWN MY BEST FRIEND KY TODAY!! 15 yr old weim!! what a dog!!! a great buddy!!
May 17 2014 we think the fires are past us and we are safe!!! thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.
May 4 2014 on the big island in hawaii!!!! beautiful place!!!
April 1 2014 heading to boston and reebok crossfit 1 for a xfit weightlifting course this weekend. THEN....we get to see mikey....my grandson who is 16 mo.!!! cannot wait!!
March 15 2014 heading to va. beach, va. this friday for a course!! gonna be fun times!!
February 28 2014 geezer workout today...will be a rainy day in so cal for a few days. we need it. heading to xfit oxnard tomorrow for a xfit weightlifting course.
February 21 2014 heading to seattle today and crossfit ranier for a crossfit weightlifting course. great weekend!!!
February 10 2014 we will begin a new cycle for olympic weightlifters next week....monday. we have been on a heavy strength cycle that last 6 wks....its time to get back to heavy lifting for the lifts!!
February 8 2014 remember there are 2 workouts on mikes gym....1 for olympic lifters, 1 for crossfit athletes. use at your discretion!!! coach b
February 7 2014 geezer workout at mikes gym today!! back on track for next wednesday at mikes gym after geezer workout!!
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