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send off
beau and blakes navy party send off party!!!
fire at mikes gym
so calif. fires in 2007
this guy can jump
olympic lifter nick has good hops!!
fun stuff at rbv and mikes gym
good pix of what we do in pe class at rbv and other thhings at mikes gym.
mikes gym video
lots of stuff at mikes gym!!!
sam cairns 2
lifter wants to be like casey, natalie and sage.
sam cairns 1
lifter of the future
car jumping
see the benefits of the olympic lifts!!!!
casey b 180 snatch
pr snatch by casey burgener!! now get that 400!!
105+cj_Camera 1(26).wmv
this is what collin ito needed to make jr world team at jr nats.
dedicated to nat and tracy
little moser totals 100 lbs
otc movers and shakers
see donny shankle c*j 203 jg, zack s. snatch and cln and jerk big weights...impressive.
otc training
clips of the ladies at the otc
look at these diva\'s
2 pretty athletes
kids know
listen to the coach??? this kid had more in him and did it!!
12 yr old
look at this young stud that is 12 jerking
young marines
2 young marines doing the cln and jerk at mikes gym
bull termus
bull jerking 160 after back squatting
bench pulls
casey burgener doing bench pulls
special exercises
casey burgener doing special exercises for core strength
grady mac
grady mac's first competition
big boys jerk!!
look at the fight and motivation of this big boy!!
aimee anaya snatching
78 kg, 80 kg, just missing 82 kg.
specail exercises
here are some of the exercises we use at mikes gym
85 kg winner
wilmer torres 85 kg winner attempts 184 cln and jerk!!
jasmine hernandez
see this super lady 75+ lifter balance! try this one guys!!
grady 115
in from the desert after 3 wks....and the dude can still cln and jerk 115!!
mikes gym
saturday at mikes gym!!
moser nails 180 cln
easy 180, just misses the jerk
aimee cln and jerking 100
anaya cln and jerks 100
delaney toth
young 7 yr old delaney has the desire to be great!!
moser jerking 175
jim moser, 16 yr old, cln and jerking 175!!! awesome!!!
7 yr old cln and jerking
young, 7 yr old, moser from hawaii
moser 145
one tough 16 yr old!! no feel and all heart!!
16 yr old james moser
james moser!!! 140 kg snatch at 16!!
400 + foot homerun
oly lifts and crossfit training produce strength without sport enhancing drugs!!! cody burgener slams one!!
james mosier
16 yr old james mosier cln and jerks 170 in training!!! this dude will be the youngest lifter ever to clean and jerk 400!!! way to go james!!!
here it is!!
casey's 218 cln and jerk!!!
aimee anaya
aimee anaya training hard at mikes gym
suley cln and jerk
wow!!! great action of the pocket
students on the patch
running an obstacle course at rbv is fun and challenging for all my students.
power ropes
we use these ropes invented by john brookfield in our daily conditioning. these things are unreal and work very effectively!!!
dumbell workout
more db workouts
plyometrics in the class
rbv wt. room students doing jump overs
db workout
workout i use at mikesgym
Rigert 170 kg Snatch Krastev 216 kg Snatch