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greg everett sept 09
new sn pr, new cj pr, new total pr
greg evertt snatching 131
greg making a new pr snatching 131
trap bar squats work really well.
core strength work
aimee anaya demo's good core strength work!!
jeff wittmer
94 kg lifter going to the worlds!!!!
jeff wittmer
94 kg lifter snatches 152 kg!!
crossfit oly lifting certification
a file of what the crossfit olympic weightlifting cert. is all about.
aimee and nat side by side
compare technique of natalee and aimee
nat jump sqt
natalle woolfolk shows how to jump squat.
correction for running forward
general dad, teaches son how not to run forward on snatches!!! got love it!!
pulls while standing on blocks
sage works on ther pull off the ground while standing on blocks.
erika dice
erika dice snatchiing 80 kg. great form and change of directions speed
montana daman
formerly of texas daman trains with steve gough. listen to the excitment!
montana max
steve gough's max. watch the tech. and speed of this lifter. listen to motivation by coach gough!!!
Snatch Transfer Skills
Jerk Transfer Skills Burgener Warmup with Sage Burgener Warmup