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Bulgarian Super Power Training
Received From Ari Moilan

BULGARIALAISTA PAINONNOSTOA BULGARIA THE SUPERPOWER OF THE WEIGHTLIFTING SPORT Bulgaria has been one of the leading countries in weightlifting sport since the -72 Olympic Games in Munchen. Bulgaria is producing the olympic winners,
Greeting From The Polar Circle
Ari Moilan

Greetings from Polar Circle! Here I have been busy with my weightlifters. We had the Elementary School Championships of Finland in weightlifting here in Rovaniemi last weekend and the success (our wl club) was good:1 gold,1 silver and 3
Workout Used By The Polish Women
Ari Moilan

THE PROGRAM OF THE POLISH WOMEN WEIGHTLIFTERS This program is made by the Polish women weightlifters’ head coach Mr. Ryszard Socko in Seadlce, 18.6.2001. The Polish women weightlifters started this program after Sydney Olympic Game
The Burgener Warm Up
Mike Burgener

when learning the olympic lifts for the first time i have found that the following warm up is very helpful learning bar path requirements in snatching. there are several steps in this warm up protocol. before we go into this warm up, all students a
Bulgarian Training Ideas And Comments Via A E Mail
Steve Gough

Scott, I can't believe how "computer illiterate" I am. Very frustrating! I want to tell you that I have had absolutely no "schooling" in the Bulgarian style of training other than what I have read, glea
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