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What If I Were An Olympic Coach
Louie Simmons

What If I were an Olympic Coach by, Louie Simmons In 1968 Jan Talts of the USSR said his training consisted of 90% power work and 10% actual competitive lifts. By doing this, he became one of the greatest lifters of all time. I r
How They Train In St. Louis With Mike Wittmer
Mike Wittmer

When thinking about a weightlifting “philosophy” in specific terms such as a “Bulgarian,” “Russian,” high volume, low volume, etc. approach, it becomes apparent to me that there is no one size fits all approach.
Leo Temoshenko Article On Olympic Lifting
Leo Temoshenko

Weightlifting Training: Key Ingredients and Approaches By Leo Temoshenko Introduction Mike Burgener asked me to write a document about my weightlifting training philosophy. For those of you who do not know me, I am now fifty and h
Interview With Chris Le Roux
Mike Burgenre

On Tuesday, April 19, 2005, at 08:10AM, Chris LeRoux

I taught myself how to lift weights by watching videos of GREAT lifters literally THOUSANDS of times I've probably spent 100 or more hours watching tapes of good Bulgarian lifters, all in an attempt to learn how they do it.
The Snatch, The Worlds Fastest Lift
Not Sure...either Dreschler Or Steve Miller.

The Snatch The World’s Fastest Lift Level 1 1) Setup a. Preparation 1. Taping, wrapping, chalking 2. Mental preparation b. Preparatory Posture 1. Feet directly under the hips,
Zlatan Vanev's Training

ZLATAN VANEV’S TRAINING IN SOFIA, BULGARIA ON 1999 OCTOBER On the training camp in Sofia, October 1999, there were three different groups; Group A (male’s national team, group B (female’s national team), group C (challe
Suleymanoglu Training From The 1st 4 Yrs Of His Career

NAIM SULEYMANOGLU’S TRAINING PROGRAMS FROM THE 4 FIRST YEARS OF HIS WEIGHTLIFTING CAREER This information is based on the lectures of Ljubomir Iliev. He kept the lectures to the Finnish weightlifting coaches in Finland, on 2
Training With Steve Gough
Max Atita

Hello Chris, Steve has talked about you on several occasions. Let me start by giving you some information about myself and then I will try to explain some of the methods that we employ when training. I am 20 years old today,
Weightlifting Program Used By Ari Moilan
Ari Moilan

Weightlifting training programs by Ari Moilanen Program for a lifter 12-13 years old who have trained weightlifting about 2 years HEAVY WEEK (two in a row) MONDAY 1. Snatch 30%/2x2 + 50%/2 + 60%/2 +
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