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Chin Up Doc
Christian Thibaudeau

interesting article on chin ups and grip strength!!
Olympic Weightlifting And The Young Athlete
Tim Swords

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING AND THE YOUNG ATHLETE Many years ago I got a phone call from a lady who asked about weightlifting. She said she had an 8 year old son who wasn’t in very good shap
Throwers Workout
Tony Ciarelli

tony ciarelli's workout for throwers at newport harbor h.s.
Sports Conditioning
Mark Smith, Phd

check this file out!!
Olympic Lifting And Volleyball
Ari Moilanen

great information re olympic lifting and vb success
Training Tips
Art McDermott

Training Tips by Art McDermott Training Tips I make no claims that all of the ideas in this section are my own. They come from multiple different sources. I have seen prove themselves over and over and apply t
Pha Training Using Dumb-bells
Mike Berry

Peripheral Heart Action Training with Dumbbells By Mike Berry, President/Owner of Power-Up USA, Inc., NSCA-CPT The "Peripheral Heart Action Training with Dumbbells" (PHAT-D) is a relatively short, but very intense
Peripheral Heart Action Workouts
David Whitley, Rkc

Russian Kettlebell Workout: Peripheral Heart Action with Kettlebells By David Whitley, RKC PHA stands for Peripheral Heart Action and is the forerunner of what is commonly called circuit training today. This isn’
How Ari Moilanen Coach Vb Athletes!
Ari Mollian

How are things going on?I have seen you to been busy with coaching and your internet pages! Your writings are very enjoyable to read at your webpages. The summerholidays are now over and the lifters are coming back to the training hall. B
Momentum And Elevation On The Bar Part 1
Eugene Allen

Momentum and Elevation on the Bar (or the car for that matter) COACH MIKE BURGENER Enduring the “Welcome to the Pacific Northwest” driving rain, Coach B. made his way south to
Displaying 11 — 20 of 35
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