Training Tips
by Art McDermott

Training Tips

I make no claims that all of the ideas in this section are my own. They come from multiple different sources. I have seen prove themselves over and over and apply them to my own training. I never recommend any program of any tip that I have not used myself and actually SEEN it work. This is not “book knowledge” stuff. These are things you should be able to use in your next training session. Where appropriate, I have attributed the tip to its originator or the party that passed it along to me. I will add to this list periodically.

In no particular order of importance:

1) The body takes roughly 11-14 days to recover fully from an intense lower back training day.

2) Most exercises are more effective when paired with an exercise that works the antagonist muscle group – Poliquin

3) Multiple set routines are vastly superior to “one set to failure” routines for building strength. – Ditillo, Poliquin, multiple study after study.

4) The general order of a lifting session containing the following modes of exercise should be done in this order: Olympic Lifting or explosive movements, core strength movements, accessory movements, conditioning movements.

5) The more advanced the program, the higher the number of sets and the lower the number of exercises.

6) Everything works, but nothing works forever. Programs need to be changed at least every 6 workouts. – Simmons, Poliquin

7) The more advanced or older an athlete is, the lower the rep range he/she responds best to.

8) Recovery drinks are best taken within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the workout. – Poliquin

9) * More Advanced* Linear periodization i.e. 10’s, then 5”, then 3’s, is archaic program design. Look into alternating periodization instead.

10) The most important night’s sleep is two nights before a competition.

11) Doing 20’s in the squat will increase your bodyweight, challenge your mental toughness, but slow your leg speed significantly.

12) If you take longer than 1-1:15 to complete your training session, you are socializing.

13) True functional training involves significant, unilateral resistance while moving with weight. Swiss balls are great for abs and rehab, not day-to-day training.

14) The exercise done first in the training week and/or first in the workout is the one that will make the most gains. – Poliquin, King