How are things going on?I have seen you to been busy with coaching and your internet pages!
Your writings are very enjoyable to read at your webpages.
The summerholidays are now over and the lifters are coming back to the training hall. Beacause most of the llifters are so young I let them bee free during holidays.Lifters 13 and over did train quite hard through the summerholidays.
Also I have coached the wolleyball team NAPA (Rovaniemi) in their strength training during these last 3 months.The team plays in the highest category (male) in Finland and the target is to the medalposition after this season. The wolleyball season will start on september and last till the end of march.
I have trained them as I train my lifters = heavy classical lifts (full lifts) and mostly front squats and some back squats (Bulgarian style). The results have been good and their head coach is very happy because he see already the difference on the team after 3 months training. The players are now snatching 70-90 kg and clean and jerking 100-115 kg. Front squats are 110-130 kg and back squats 120-155 kg.
The daily schedule is simple:
1. good warm up with gymnastics 15-20 minutes (tall men need good skills for body control)
2. classical lifts and squats: 3-1 reps, 90-100 % intensity
3. Agility training 15 minutes
4. cool down with streching
The training lasts 2,5-3 hours and we do it 3 times/week.Also players do 2 strength training/week for the upper body (rotator cuff, shoulders,abdominals etc.).
The classical days are monday, wednesday and friday and additional days are tuesday and thursday. All the strength trainings are done on the mornings (9-12 o'clock).
Now when they will have 2 training sessions in the court (wolleyball training) we shorter the strength sessions and divade the to to peaces (1 hour on the morning and 1/2 in the evening just before the wolleyball training). So, 4 classical lifts training sessions per week (2 training days).
I tell this because you are involved also in wolleyball.
To the last the best.I bought a brand new station wagon (family car) yesterday and now my trips to the training camps and competitions are much more enjoyable. And my lifters told they are QUITE satisfied. Much to say from them!
Best wishes to you and your family.