I taught myself how to lift weights by watching videos of GREAT lifters
literally THOUSANDS of times I've probably spent 100 or more hours watching
tapes of good Bulgarian lifters, all in an attempt to learn how they do it.

The way I pull is to rise on my toes before I get the bar to my knees.

You are correct about pulling flat footed it DOES allow you to transfer more
force or "drive off the ground" but I beleive that there are more important
factors that my technique provides such as keeping the bar accelerating once
it has gone past the knee.

The other difference in my pull is that as soon as I rise onto my toes I
start to shrug my shoulders I learned this from watching Dimas if you ever
hav a chance to see a sequence photo of him lift take note of how his
shoulders are during the early part of his pull.

One more VERY important aspect of how I lift (that I am sure Steve would
agree with) is the speed at which I lift the bar off the ground, I pull as
fast as POSSIBLE off the ground as long as my body doesn't change possition
I will focus on pulling as fast and hard as possible during the entire lift.

As for getting under the bar fast I think there is a silly notion that you
pull the bar to a certain height and then get under it, which is not all bad
but if you try to lift the bar to a certain height you may not be giving
yourself time to get meet it.

When I am lifting well, I am aware of when I have accelerated the bar as
much as possible which is the EXCACT time at which I move to meet the bar if
I pulled any longer I would be trying to catch up to the bar in order to
accelerate it which would be a wasted effort.

I'm sure you will have some questions and I will be able to answer them more
promptly next time.

Max Aita