this is a day by day description of my motorcycle trip with cousin jim burgener and doug ito, the father of one of my very good lifters, colin ito. i will write as much as i can and then edit the article as i finish the trip and or get to a computer.

day 1 wed. (july 6): left bonsall, ca. at 0330 to escape the heat of the desert and the traffic of los angeles!! made it to 4 corners (cramer junction 160 miles away by 0630) to get gas and coffee. we could see that we made the right decision by leaving early. going thru bishop, ca. mammoth lakes, reno, nev. and eventally susanville, ca. 600 miles from our beginning was was hot, but hey we were riding harley's. susanville was a nice place to stop and get our rest....we were still hyped up and i am sure we could have gone further, but we needed to stop!!

day 2 thur. (july 7): leaving susanville at 0700 heading towards salem,oregon, where my bro-inlaw and sister in-law live was outstanding!! going thru klamoth falls, or, crater lake, oakridge, (where i could very easily live) proved to be beautiful with not much one point thru moduc national forest i looking towards the west and from 100 miles away i could see very clearly, mount shasta!!! oakridge, or is 6 miles above the fogline of the eugene and 12 miles from the snowline of higer elevation....beautiful, beautiful!!!

day 3 friday (july 8) left late from salem heading for seattle, wa. where i was doing a crossfit clinic for crossfit north. this portion of the trip was a very hairy experience as it rained from the time we left salem until we arrived in seattle. going 70 mph on I 5 in rush hour type traffic really was nerve racking. luckily we had bright clothing so we could follow each other in the fast lane. we pulled over to coffee places when it got too bad and or we were just tired. nevertheless we were riding our harley's and having a good time!! made it to nancy and dave werner's crossfit north headquarters around 1900 hrs and had the opportunity to see crossfit north in action!! nancy and dave played host to us for 3 days, feeding us and making us feel very welcome!! a great couple and wonderful people!!

day 4: saturday (july 9): layover day to do the crossfit north clinic!! teaching the olympic lifts to 60 people who had signed up to learn and go thru exercises with pvc pipe!!! this was an all day workshop and was truely outstanding!!! the participants were hard core and willing to go thru the pain of overhead squats and much other flexibility enhancing drills. after the workshop secured at 1600 hrs, dave and nancy hosted a steak fest for us and a few of the crossfit family. i love seattle and found this part of the trip to be a very rewarding experience. i want to add that michael street and carrie klumper have awesome potential in the lifts and to be competitive at that. i had the opportunity to work with these 2 athletes during lunch...i found both of them with great enthusiasm as well as potential. hopefully they will be competiting soon!!

day 5: sunday (july 10): after being spoiled by nancy and dave, we very relunctantly left seattle heading towards spokan, wa where we would spend the night. rt 2 was our route of travel, taking us thru the breath taking, mountains surrounding leavenworth, wa. a small german/swedish community! we stopped for lunch in this touristy community enjoying the senery and a ver nice feast. arrived in spokane around 1900 hrs...tired and weary we headed for bed without much dinner!!

day 6: monday (july 11): destination---kalsipel, mt. left spokane around 0700 arriving in sandpoint, id in time for a early brunch. i found sandpoint to be magnificient!! beautiful place with lots of boats and scenery!! leaving sanpoint we went thru bonners ferry and on into kalispel, mt where doug ito had a oil change on his harley. the harley place in kalispel was fact so was kalispel...we could not find rooms....frantic phone calls to area's around kalispel located us a room in columbia falls, mt about 20 miles east of kalispel, but right before tomorrow's destination of glacier national park!!! we met several other harley riders on their way to sturgis, so dakota for the rally. the beauty of this area amazes me that anyone would want to leave the USA to view other countries!!

day 7 (tuesday july 12) UNREAL!!! glacier is a place that everyone should see!! we traveled the highway to the sun and found it absolutely incredible!! what our good lord has done for this planet is unreal!! i have waited 25 yrs to see glacier (that is another story) but believe me it was well worth the wait!! i will have several pix posted. after leaving glacier we headed fire and brimstome to ennis, mt to see my good friend steve gough and watch his lifters train. unfortunately the janitor kicked steve out of the gym and we had to wait until wed to see the kids workout under steve's watchful eye!! steve did arrange for us a place to stay in ennis and it was first class. in fact the lady who owns the lodge makes flies for fly fishing!! this couple originally from calif. moved to ennis and bought the lodge....good, wholesome people!! after getting checked in we had a few beers and caught up on old times with steve and his wife gayle!! out to dinner and a early check in getting ready for the day will not want to miss day 8!! but you will have to wait until i get back to calif. to hear about it.

day 8: Wednesday (july 13) ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TRIP!!! steve gough, one of my best friends, picked us up early and showed us virgina city, an old mining town in the 1800's. true to gough, a real historian and a lover of american history, was right on the mark with our enjoying this small town. replica's of the age were fun to see and very educational. we are so lucky to have these historical representatives of our past to learn of the harships that our fathers endured. i am sure they did not think of it that way....but nevertheless i do!! lunch and a visit to steve's abode had me wishing we could spend more time with the gough's. training at ennis h.s. with max atita and damon fox as well as clay was truely inspiring and educational. gough, a true believe in the americanized/bulgarian system, had his lifters up and ready true to form. both lifters started their workouts with squats. not the normal type squats but heavy 1 rep sets....max i think went to a max attempt in the fs, while damon did a max attempt in the bs...both kids hit pr's!!! resting 15 min or so with lots of hydration and talk about the next exercise (snatch) was good coach/athlete communication. max has a shoulder problem, but watching his speed and tech in the snatch one would never know it. i am not sure of the poundage in the snatch, but it was a max attempt. this kid's speed is unreal...this technique is superb and his love and dedication to be the best is very obvious!! damon came to gough weighing over 300 lbs and a very average lifter!! under coach gough's tuteledge he now weighs 230 or so and is lifting more weight than ever before. resting another 15-20 minutes both kids took on the clean with the same's!!! max cleaned a new pr of 160 and it was so fast that if i did not have it on video i would not have believed it....perfect form, lots of explosion, lots of speed under the bar....his bar does not gets to a point and he is under the bar!!! unreal!! rest again 15 minutes...and guess what...either bs, or fs...what you did not do first!!! much fun, much learning went on from this old fart....gough, max, damon, clay...are the real deals!! steve's eyes, motivcation and ability to teach is top notch...but to teach and coach one has to have the lifters that have great desire and motivation to be better....max, damon, clay all have that and was obvious when i heard that max was going to do another 2-3 workouts that day....WHAT???? YEP!!! the kid actually goes and does more squats...maybe 2-3 times per day after he has been with steve...not reps...1 rep...up to a max...then home....back ext. every time he goes thru his bedroom....2-4 hrs later....another sqt workout...max!!! etc. etc....unreal...but first hand desire to be the best he can be!! if max can get his bum shoulder healed, i predict stardom for this young lifer. seeing a reduced down, more explosive, fitter damon also shows me what good coach/athletic relationships can foster. damon fox has become a see this kids desire and competitiveness between him and max is fun to watch...they push each other....that is what gough encourages....competition and competitions!!! what an experience for me!!! more later!!

day 9: thursday (july 14): we left ennis, mt at zero dark thirty!!! gough came by, god love him, to bring uncle jimmy's sun glasses back (he left them in gough's wadders) fly fishin lingo!!! on to yellowstone!! i have to tell you the ride to yellowstone was spectacular, but yellowstone could not hold a candle to glacier!!! HOWEVER, i did see a pack of wolves circle a buffalo and bring him/her/it down!!! amazing!!! about 1000 mtrs after that we were brought to an abrupt stop in that there were about 100 buffalo on the road!!! they did not like the harley's but we did move forward...keeping close villagence on the head male....we had heard that they do attack cycles!!! we did love visiting yellowstone, but as stated earlier, we would stick with glacier if we had to make a choice. on to cody, only regret on the whole trip was not spending more time in cody!!! next year will be different!! we plan on staying a few days in cody...visiting the museum, the rodeo, etc!!! i could live in cody, if i could convince my wife and family to join me!!! from cody, wy, the drive to casper was tedius at best....flat, prarie looking...and no gas!!! we did pull into casper around 1700 hrs after a very flat, prarie, drive!! it is amazing to me what a hot shower, a beer or 2 or 3 and a couple of shots of jack daniels can do for your motivation!!! drinking our dinner we hit the hay watching tv...and talking about the day!!! go figure!!! our wives would never like this kind of travel!!

day 10: friday, (july 15) leaving casper early morning in order to see daughter sage's workout at 1300 hrs. (sage made the school age national team and was invited to attend the camp with head coach kyle pierce and assistant coach emily weil!! this trip was fast, interstate, and scarey!! the drives in denver made us very nervous!!! nevertheless, we prevailed arriving at the otc in colo springs, co around 1300!!! yes!!! we made it in time!!!! BUT!! the workout was cancelled to help set up and get ready for the jr. pan am qualifier!! i did get to see sage, my son cody (who made the school age men's team) and resident athlete and super heavy, casey burgener!! made my day!!! after much visiting with coaches we secured for the pm...casey was nice enough to get us rooms at the otc dorms. the food, the socialization of the otc and their cafeteria (run by flower) an amazing young lady who is from vietnam..and a fitness freak, amazes me when i am out there. a great place that all athletes should be proud of and thankful to be there.

day 11: saturday, ( july 16) COMPETITON DAY: JR PAN AM QUALIFIER!! competitors: from team so calif. collin ito, sage burgener, cody burgener, jasmine hernandez!! a good showing!! more later!!! competitions are always fun, but this one was really fun!!! why?? collin ito ranking 13th overall needed to push forward to no. 8 if he was going to make the jr. pan am team that goes to peurto rico in oct. snatching 135 and cln and jerking 172.5 for a 307.5 total put him no. 8!!! he did it!! made the team after both hands were tied behind his back!!! collin will be going to northern michigan univ. in the fall to lift wts and start his education!!! collin has a support group that is donna, dad dough, sister kristen, brother connar (also a lifter in the 8th grade,) we are all ver proud of collin!! daughter sage lifted in this meet as well...snatching 57.5 and cln and jerking 70, sage won her class. of course this not being her best, she was pissed!! go figure!! son cody, snatched a new pr 112.5 while clean and jerking 130 giving him 242.5 total for a new pr. great stuff!! no riding today!!

day 12, sunday: july 17th: sunday was a rest day....rode our harleys into colo springs and enjoyed the town and grape day park downtown. i love the springs...nice! of course breakfast, lunch, dinner and socialization at the otc cafeteria was ongoing and seemingly was 24/7....not really, but you get the picture.

day 13, monday: july 18th: had the opportunity to watch the school age national team train under the watchful eye of jr national coach roger neilson. the athletes were working on weaknesses and position training. later we observed the resident men and women team training. both groups were in a conditioning phase getting ready for the worlds that are being h eld in novemeber in qatar. later that pm we had the opportunity to have dinner at natalee woolfolks mom and step dad's house. aimme, nat's mom, is an outstanding cook and a great person. she and her husband opened their beautiful home that looks over colo springs just under nor-rad to us!! their 2 boxers and ???? were great fun and entertaining. cody, my youngest son, is a animal lover and enjoyed playing with critters!!! unfortunaltely sage had already left for home, so she did not get to enjoy aimee's feast!!

day 14. tuesday: july 19th: leaving colo springs heading for mesa verde at 0600!!! this part of the drive was unreal. we headed west out of colo springs on colo 24....into montrose, colo and then into ooray, co. wow...this place was unreal!! surrounded by mountains this town i could live in!!! on to silverton, co. over a pass....looking down on silverton from 3000 ft up was unreal. i will have some pix of this later. we tried to get into durango, co. but could not find a room so we went on into mesa verde, co where the ruins are located. unfortunately for us their was a fire in the area and the park was closed. so we spent the night and would head to sante fe, nm in the morning. doug ito, jim burgener and myelf were very bad on this trip. we drank way too much beer and jack daniels....but it was well worth it!!!

day 15: wed, july 20th: out of mese verde, co and into santa fe, nm and into alburqurque, nm was the next leg. the trip from here on out is really un-eventful other than seeing good friends and seeing well equipped wt. rooms. we stopped by sante fe harley in sante fe and met jims friends and to have doug'g bike checked out. from here we went on in to alburqurque and chickes harley just to say hello. jim's son issac lives and goes to school at the u. of nm and i have a good friend who is the strength coach at u of nm...joaquin chavez. one heck of a strength coach by the way....and a dog trainer as well. joaquin had his dog bob, get me a beer out of the fridge....bob actually did it!!! unreal!! we stayed at jim's daughter's apt. complex. seeing jim's son and daughter my 2nd cousins twice removed although i call them my nephew and niece..and me uncle.

day 16: thursday, july 21st: day in alburqurque and dinner with bull termus!! good stuff....spending time at bull's house was fun and the hospitality was outstanding. bull even though in the airforce can flat ass cook good fidels!!! he is training chris wilkes son's, cain and cord wilkes....i think it was called BOOT CAMP BULL!!! i am glad i was a marine!!

day 17: friday, july 22nd, on our way to flagstaff to see pikes fitness!! oh my gosh, this place was unreal!! joe kavenaugh and chris derosa have done wonders in flag. their facility is first class and has everything one needs to train effectively. alex bavasi trains there and of course she is going to the jr pan ams in oct. outstanding day. we stayed at doug ito's house that he has purchased for his daughter to live while she is a student at nau. nice place.

day 18: saturday, july 23rd: 0330!!!! out the door and on our way to bonsall!!! we want to beat the heat!! got home around 1030 in the morning after driving hard and fast. hot weather but i am glad we left early!!! pix will follow in the folder motorcycle diary.