Hi Mike
> Thank you for your email. I just came from Vierumäki where I was
> coaching
> our (Finland) best junior lifters together with our head coach. The
> training
> camp lasted 4 days and we tested lifters' jumping abilities
> (electrical test
> mat), maximal classical competition lifts, maximal front and back
> squats.
> Our training at the training camps is Bulgarian style (classical lifts,
> squats) and we keep 30 minutes rest periodes between classical lifts
> (three
> training sessions per day).
> Our head coach believ this kind of training. But the problem is that
> many of
> the grass root coaches are using the old fashion training style (with
> no
> good results). In this group the best ones (who are developing year
> after
> year) train like Bulgarians.
> Here in Rovaniemi my weightlifting kadets (5-10 months training
> backround)
> are doing well. And it is very enjoyable to watch their developing
> processes.The youngest are 6 yers old and the oldest 14 years old. We
> have 4
> groups (different level lifters) who have their own training times and
> programs. I am using Bulgarian style training methodes with them. We
> have 50
> young lifters on our wl club who are competing and training hard.
> The Finnish Weightlifting Federation awarded our sport club as" the
> best
> weightlifting club for the junior lifters in Finland". We are very
> proud of
> that tittle and considerig that our club started on 2003 we have
> succeeded
> quite well! This is the best advertise for the Bulgarian style
> training (the
> most efficient methode) here in Finland!
> I'm wondering why USAW dont divide the OTC lifters to two groups:
> 1) traditional training methodes group
> 2) Bulgarian style training methodes group
> And USAW should hire a coach (maybe for 12 months) for the number 2
> group
> (Bulgarian) who is familier with this kind of training methodes.
> After one year training you would see how much more efficient it would
> be
> compared to the other (old fashion style).
> What kind of training is the Chinese coach doing with the lifters of
> Michigan?
> What is Casey thinking about his own developing?Is he wondering why he
> must
> do lot of reps to get bigger muscles?I think they want to develope his
> musculature first (doing longer reps like bodybuilders) and after that
> they
> will consentrate to better his lifting ability. He will get bigger
> muscles
> but the question is, are they efficient and functional muscles? My
> opinion
> is that they are not.
> He would get more efficient and functional muscles by doing shorter
> reps
> (1-3 reps) but add his food intake (3-4 grams of protein per his
> bodyweight
> kilogram).By this way his muscles will not became as big but they will
> be
> much more efficient.
> And yes, my lifters are doing heavy training 3 times a week (mo 92%,
> wed
> 95%, fri 100%), and light days are tu, thu, sat (about 75-85 %).
> Take care. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
> Ari