Several years ago while reading Jim Schmitz's books i noticed that Jim abbreviated his exercises while writing the program for his athletes. I decided to do the same thing and pretty much adopted Jim's nomenclature. There maybe some variations, but not many. Most of what i use today is Jim's.

1. sn: snatch: a missed power snatch
2. ps: power snatch: a snatch where the bar is received above parallel.
3. sn pp: snatch push press: using a snatch grip with bar behind neck, dip and drive the bar upward fixing the bar overhead where one would finish the snatch.
4. sn pulls: snatch pulls: from the ground, good starting position of hips above knees....extend the legs, bring bar to mid jump and shrug, without coming off the ground...creating momentum and elevation on the barbell.
5. sn shrgs: snatch shrugs: using the snatch grip, standing tall, dip at the knees only keeping the torso upright, drive upward extending the hips and shrugging the traps violently!!
6. snhp: snatch high pull. same as snatch pull but now continue pulling bar up to pecs.
7. cln: cleans: a missed power clean
8. pc: power cleans: same as cleans, but bar is received above parallel position.
9. pp: push press: taken from front....dip and drive. military press using the knees.
10. ppbnk: push press behind neck: same as above, but from behind the head.
11. jrk from rack: taken from a rack, athlete dips, drives, splits under the bar.
12. bnkjrk: jerk from behind the neck
13. fs: front squats: taken off the rack.
14. bs: back squats: taken off the rack
15. ohs: overhead squats: normally the athlete sn pp the bar up...then does while bar is in overhead position using the sn grip, the athlete squats down for the appropriate reps.
16. sotts press: pressing bar overhead while in the squatting position
17. clnpull: clean pulls: same as the snatch pull except using a clean grip
18. clnshrg: clean shrugs:same as snatch shrugs except using a clean grip.
19. rdl: romanian deadlifts. like a stiff leg deadlift, but more knee bend is allowed. the rdl is like going from the above knee position to the final scoop position before exploding up. mid thigh, to down, mid thigh to scoop so to speak.
20. elbow to knee sit ups: lie on the ground. fingers wrapped around back of head...legs straight and 6" off deck. while bending knees roll back on hips and allow the knees to come to the elbows...crunch up the torso and allow the upper abs and lower abs to be worked together. once touched return the legs to the 6" off deck position. do not allow them to touch the floor.

COMBO LIFTS: EXAMPLE: SNPP+OHS: means a snatch push press off the rack, then an overhead squat with it. if i write it as 3+3, that means 3 sn pp + 3 ohs. another example:
pc+fs+pp: 1+3+1: 1 power clean followed by 3 front squats followed by 1 pp.

writing of programs: when using no designation as to %% 3 x 10, one reads that as 3 sets x 10 reps. but when i designate a weight to be used... % or kg, 60%x3 x 3. means i want you to take 60% of that best lift and do 3 reps with it...repeat it for 3 sets.

if there are any abbreviatios that need to be explained do not hesitate to contact me: we can add to the list for clarifications. also if description of the exercise needs to be added, i can do that without any problems.

looking forward to your comments and suggestions.