Pan Ams 2005: Warm-up Attempts
By Leo Temoshenko

At the 2005 Pan Ams, COL was second in the women’s competition and first in the men’s competition.

Tulia Medina (COL/69K) did her warm-ups at the 2005 Pan Ams only a few feet from me. I could a "click" every time she turned the bar over. That got my attention. She is an excellent athlete and just for fun, I wrote down her warm-ups.

They were:
SN 35x1, 45x1, 55x1, 65x1, 75x1x2 (she had to wait as there were many misses), 85x1, 90x1, 95x1x2 (again many misses and she had to wait).
Attempts: 101-106-110 (miss)

CJ 35x1+2, 65x1+2, 75x1+2, 90x1x2 (another wait), 100x1, 110x1, 115x1
Attempts: 122-127-129 (miss jk)
Note: 1+2 means one clean and 2 jerks.

Basically big jumps. And if one had to wait due to misses and/or changes, then the warm-up was repeated.

The other COL lifters (men and women) did about the same. This seemed pretty common to most of the South American countries - ARG, PR, etc.

As I watched the warm-ups, I almost always knew (within 1-2K) what ones opening or next attempt would be. Kind of interesting.