matt bruce gets a bronze medal in the santch, silver medal in the clean and jerk, bronze medal in the total. unfortunately lance frye did not make a clean and jerk.

jackie berube wins gold in the 58 kg womens division!!!

63 women
natalle woolfolk snatches 100 for a new american record and pan am record
carissa gorden wins the gold with a 204 total, while natalle wins the silver. carissa made 114 to tie natalle and wins on body wt. nat attempted 208, cleaned the wt. but 2 reds on the jerks.

85 men:
chad vaughn snatches 152 for the gold, innocent snatches 140 for the bronze. chad clean and jerks 197 for the silver, innocent does 185, but misses 198 for a new american record. chad wins the silver, innocent wins the bronze while the columbian wins by matching chad's 347, but with a lighter body wt.

69 women:
danica rue has snatched 96 kg for the bronze
erin okonek snatches 91 for 5th.....cln and jerk will be forthcoming.
danica clean and jerked 128 for a new american record and pr.. winning the bronze medal overall.
erin okonek cln and jerks a new pr 119 for 5th place and set 3 new pr's

94 men:
the admiral....robt. murphy...missed 155 twice before saving the 3rd and crucial snatch to stay in the competition!!!! THEN...this young man made 3 clean and jerks to win the gold medal overall...with his last 193 cln and jerk!!! what a performance by the admiral!!!!

75 and 75+ ladies results are forthcoming as are the 105 and 105+ men's division.
cheryl haworth wins the gold while snatching 126 and clean and jerking 161!! cara heads takes 5th in the 75's.

105 and 105+:
pete kelly snatches 168 for the gold in the snatch and clean and jerks 205 for the total he needed for the silver medal.

shane haman wins the gold in the 105+ with a 180 snatch and 216 cln and jerk. casey burgener snatches 170 for the silver medal in the snatch and clean and jerked 215 for the silver medal in the cln and jerk...silver overall for casey.